Sunday, August 1, 2010

Along the way

I am in a very cold bus on a rainy Saturday night. It's kind of difficult to type on my phone while thus bus is moving along Commonwealth highway. It's beautiful to see lights at night being reflected on the wet streets and sidewalks along the way. The window has a mist like cover with veins of water drops across every angle. It's like stained glass, beautifully blurring the view outside; only this this window has a clear silhouette of blur of what's outside. Listening to tracks in my phone, trying to induce a melancholic episode in this solitary moment on my way to work. Corner of East Avenue and EDSA, about to get off the bus.

I'm wearing a yellow hoodie, and the train is pretty crowded on a southbound trip at 7:30 PM, on a Saturday. I noticed a lot of men are still sporting the same shaved head look as I have. Seems it is already too cold and wet for such a look. No matter what the weather is, it is just easy to maintain, plus it is clean and neat looking for any guy with a nicely shaped head. As for me, as soon as my sideburns thicken again as well as my mustache, I'l have the boho look again... Dirty and hairy, because I only shave my face and head once a month at my favorite barber shop in SM Fairview named Hairport. Buendia Station.

In a bus from Buendia to Ayala. Almost no traffic and the streets are almost empty in Ayala Avenue, so nice. Shirtless Chinese military men on training on a shooting range is being shown on the TV in the bus. It caught my attention for a moment, no gay guy would pass on watching men with smooth and lean muscles shooting their guns. Back to my typing... A Beautiful World is now playing in my phone, music player on random play. Insular life building suddenly in view, I'm getting off soon.


  1. oh, shirtless chinese military men.... lean muscles. made rainy night hotter!

  2. Thank you for your heartfelt comment. Seems like our posts resonate ah! Like-minded much. I'm not sure if you have figured it out, but you're one of the considerations why I left Planet Romeo but as my final entry about the place suggests,

    You're the only person I brought with me out.

    I will always be your satellite, journeying far beyond the reaches of known space. Probably this is my fate, I don't know. Seldom do I get discovered.

    We will see each other soon, hopefully with your good partner P. You take care always friend. I'm always just around the bend. :)