Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My favorite things

Because I have overdone inducing a depression, 'till now it still won't go away. So I have been thinking a few of my favorite things...

1.) Taking pictures
2.) Vanilla ice cream
3.) Raindrops
4.) Night fall
5.) Falling leaves
6.) Long walks
7.) Cheesecakes
8.) Ice cold beers
9.) Dark chocolates
10.) Sunsets


  1. I think it's in the nature of an artist to, as you say, "induce depression". I've always called it "inhabiting an emotion" myself. As Hugo once said, "Pain is as diverse as man. One suffers as one can."


  2. 7/10 - esp. vanilla ice creams.

  3. Eight out of your list. :) I have yet to love beer and I prefer chocolate over vanilla ice cream.

  4. hi mr canonista bakit ka frustrated ? no need god is good give way and your heart will be happy. leave the past and begin to face the present and embrace the future.

    P! will love you more than that. forgive and forget!

    god bless

  5. long walks. and getting lost while i'm at it.