Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hiding in the grasp of night

Why do we bother to stay in the dark? Why do some people choose to stay in the infinite night? Because they are afraid to share their wounds. They choose to stay in the dark, because they don't want people to see that they are wounded and probably still bleeding, they don't want others to see the scars, or perhaps they don't want to be haunted by the shadow.

The darkness gives comfort to the hurt and scarred; it gives refuge to the wounded and broken. Someday, once they let go and open up, and if they are strong enough again... they will embrace the light. So until that day, that they are ready to face the world again, with proud faces, strong feet and bolder souls, they will remain in hiding, in that dark and infinite night.

A friend of mine always say... "The more we go near the light, the longer the shadow becomes."


  1. Come out come out wherever you are. It's my lame attempt to make you smile.

    "The more we go near the light, the longer the shadow becomes." very true

  2. Thank you Orally. :-) I know things will be okay, eventually.

  3. Yes everything will be OK. :)

    We just have to keep finding the light even in the pitch black of our problems and miseries.