Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Zero Wing

This is my 4th (I think) Gundam model. The first three were bought when I was in highschool and college, the first 1/100 model was around 2007, all three got lost somehow. Now this one, the robot with angel wings.

I have been wanting to have this one for so long. Now I have it, I finally have my own. A lot of work still needs to be done on this one... I still have to paint it, buy a stand for it, and a proper shelf in my condo. For now, it lives in a box away from dust until I have a proper place for it.

This photoshoot is long overdue, bought the mecha last December as a Christmas present for myself. I forgot to include the twin canons in the shoot. They were very heavy, the wings alone are so heavy the mecha gets out of balance as I pose it in my light cube. Next time, I will balance the weight of the wings and the twin canons. Hmm, I wonder where can I buy Gundam paint kits.







  1. I'm glad you have not outgrown it. :) Yung Ultraman kasi hanggang ala-ala ko na lang eh.

  2. Astig. yung sa kin kasi hello kitty lang saka winnie the pooh. ching

  3. not sure if they have it in the toy stores in greenhills. i have a friend who bought tons of stuff in hk (shamshuipo station), in case you go there for vacay.

  4. @Mugen: I've always been an overgrown boy. :-)
    @DH: LOL! Ang cute naman ng collection mo! Nyahaha!
    @Jag: Thank you.
    @Anonymous: I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Glad to see a kindred soul here. I used to do Gundam scaled models too. I've lost count how many I've made, but from my loose memory, it should be around 30 or so. It's a very expensive hobby, I know, but the satisfaction of creating a 3-dimensional moveable/ poseable toy from bits and pieces is totally worth it. Before Gundam, I was also doing Zoids and Technix. :)