Tuesday, March 29, 2011

50 Facts About Me

Three bloggers already made theirs, so I'm joining the bandwagon.

Here they are... 50 facts about me.

1.) I have a very bad hand writing. It's so bad I can't even read them sometimes.

2.) I day dream all the time, I get lost in my own thoughts at any time of the day.

3.) I have a very, very, short attention span, that's why I find it difficult to focus.

4.) I talk to myself most of the time.

5.) I like being alone.

6.) I love long walks.

7.) Singing is my frustration.

8.) I have extreme mood swings. Angry in a minute, sad the next, then I will laugh on my own at some random stuff, then I will stay quiet for a moment, or even longer.

9.) I hate going to malls.

10.) I love spicy foods.

11.) I love dark chocolates.

12.) I eat anything edible.

13.) There was this one Christmas when I was a little boy... We didn't have any spare money for Noche Buena, so I gave my earnings from doing Christmas Carols to my mom. She bought a piece of chicken leg and what we call corn-rice, that was our Noche Buena; it was my saddest Christmas.

14.) When I was a little boy, I used to peddle puto during the day and dried fish during the afternoon until early evening, in Cebu.

15.) MY zodiac sign is Scorpio.

16.) Vanilla is my favorite flavor, and smell.

17.) I am a chain smoker... Still fighting to quit.

18.) Incase you don't know until now, I have a terminal condition.

19.) I am at constant battle with my "yo-yo-ing" weight.

20.) I prefer boxers than briefs, but I do have both and those in between; boxer shorts.

21.) I don't take showers or brush my teeth during my rest days if I don't feel like it.

22.) Sometimes I just want to stop myself from thinking too much.

23.) Japan is my dream country to go to.

24.) I was born in Bicol, raised in Cebu.

25.) Yellow lights relaxes me a lot.

26.) Night is a refuge to my soul, I am a day sleeper.

27.) I am not careless nor carefree but I don't care to a lot of things around me.

28.) I can live without TV, radio or a cellphone, but not without a computer and an internet connection.

29.) I punched one kid when we were still living in Cebu. He lost a front tooth.

30.) I love bodies of water, specially the sea.

31.) I love the magic of the golden hour.

32.) I am a very social person, but a hermit inside my head.

33.) Sleeping on buses on my way home has been a daily habit.

34.) I don't know how to ride a bike.

35.) When I was still living with my mom and my younger, the post man would often get confused; because the three of us have different last names.

36.) Having two sets of parents are not really extraordinary and complicated, at all.

37.) I won a huge amount of money sometime in the 90s that was used for my college education, but it eventually ran out before I could even finish my first year.

38.) I was the Vice-President of our College student council. Population: 4000

39.) I collect MP3s, CDs, DVDs, books, magazines.

40.) I don't know how to draw that's why I got into photography.

41.) One more reason I got into photography... I want to let others see what I see.

42.) My left knee had a greenstick fracture due to an unknown cause. My left leg was in braces for half a year during highschool. I had retainers back then and I wore glasses for astigmatism.

43.) I bought my very own condo at age 24.

44.) If there are no more cigarettes at home, I lit the used ones with little remaining tobacco leaves.

45.) I skipped Nursery school, Kindergarten, Prep School, and Grade school. My first ever formal education was High School.

46.) At first during high school, I did not know the differences of... A 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1 whole sheet of paper, and between a quiz and an exam.

47.) Because my first formal education was High School, I did know what was a First Communion at that time, nor I had one.

48.) I left home when I was 18.

49.) My shaved head look had been around since 2004.

50.) I have a very unique real name, which I think I am the only Filipino with such a name.


  1. awww, kuya. this made me smile. :)

  2. so many things i could relate...like number 1-6, 10, 16...madame..hehe
    but you know what, number 13 is one amongst the best Christmas stories I've heard. and it's not even Christmas ;D

  3. i like this..makikigaya din ako XD

  4. nice to know more about you. naka-relate ako sa #14. nagtinda-tinda rin ako noong bata pa. :)

  5. very interesting top 50! ;)

  6. Hndi din ako marunong magbike. haha. I also hate spicy food. :)

  7. nakakarelate ako sa maraming bagay. Hehehe.

  8. karelate ako sa iba.. hehehe

  9. This is a very nice post. Diin ka sa Cebu lumaki? hehehe. I hope I got my sentence right.

  10. Nakakatuwang magbasa. Close na yata tayu pre. hehe :)

  11. salamat sa pag follow nice to know you through this post :)

  12. @Desole Boy: Nice.. Nice.. Magkakasundo tayo sa maraming bagay!

    @The Wandere: Thank you!

    @Kraehe: Go! Aabangon namin 'yan.

    @Aris: Hindi madali 'di ba? Kaya nakikita ko ang sarili ko sa mga batang vendors.

    @JC: Same to yours. :-)

    @Charles: Kaya oras napara matuto tayong magbike.

    @Guyrony: Yup, Scorpio here.

    @Kikomaxx: Hehehe...

    @Vince: Ngapuyo kami sa Talisay, Mandaue, Hipodromo, Danao, at sa City.

    @Desperate Houseboy: Correct! ;-)

    @Chopsuey: You're welcome.

  13. nakuryus naman ako sa unique name mo. :)

  14. You're such an interesting person. Great post! :)

  15. hmmm... we have some things in common...

  16. Ang galing nung lakabayan, popost ko sa web ko yun! ;)

  17. Haha this is cool. Will also do the same.