Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Place

It was a good thing that purchasing the unit does not require a downpayment of any amount, but a hefty five digit reservation fee and a much heftier move-in fee was required before I could move in. I got my condo on loan, and at age 24 I already own 32 square meters of living space.

I moved in my own place back in December 31st, 2007, so I can spend my first night on a New Year. I got nothing but a few plastic bags of clothes, a foldable cot so I can sleep on the floor, 1 pillow, my CD, DVD, and books collection, the curtains, plates and utensils. Good thing that my unit was already finished with nothing to do anymore but to move in; white walls, vinyl tiles, tiled bathroom.

After several months, I was able to purchase my first appliance, something I cannot live without, a micro component; I need anything that plays music. Then after that I was able to buy an adequately sized bed, then a TV, then a ref... the list went on. Now, my condo feels cramped sometimes.

The photos below were taken back in 2009. I already have a sofa and the old Mac keyboard was replaced by a slimmer, aluminum bodied one.





  1. wow! ganda ng pagkakaayos! like ko ung curtain at chapstick. hihi

  2. The curtains were striking. Ganda ng place!

  3. Nice place!!! Inggit ako! lols. Bachelor pad na bachelor pad ang dating.

  4. gandaaaaa! pangarap ko din magkaron nyan. hehe. :D

  5. wow nman chong ang ganda haaaaaay hanggang pangarap n lng ako sa ganyang place heheheh

  6. shit ang ganda. magkano yang ganyan? lol

    potek kelangan ko nang pumasok nang maaga para walang kaltas ang sweldo!

  7. Salamat sa comments, guys! :-)

  8. Wow like the place. Ang linis and very organize sa gamit...