Monday, March 28, 2011

City of the Setting Sun

The city of the setting sun

You have seen a thousand setting suns
Since conquerers put feet with their rusting guns
And a war broke out that killed a million sons
Who were prayed for by a million nuns.

As the sun is swallowed by your seemingly lifeless sea
Your dark alleys began their twisted flows of secrecy
Where the lustful intentions of lovers merge
With their gyrating bodies filled with urge
Where blood spatters every once in a while
And never made it to the precinct files.

On your streets lies at night
Magic, fills the air where hearts take flight
Some with virgin wings, they wander, looking for delight
Others who are broken, looking for refuge...
Guided by the dreamy glitz of your city lights.

You witnessed lovers break
As they make their last take
On what seems to be, the inevitable...
Pulling of the break.

You heard promises whispered
To a soul's delight, they ponder and hold on...

You've became a refuge to the homeless
That abounds your dirty, busy streets
As dirty as one's secret, and as crumpled as one's used sheets
From a night of senseless turbulence, of drunken affairs.

Some lose, others get some
Many mourn by the shattered pieces
Of their broken hearts or broken lives
In your arms they find home.

As another night draws to a close
Another sleepless night, many will dream tight.

Another day, breaks the magic of the dark
Where many others will embark
On the sizzling heat of your tropical sun
Lives go on, people carry on.

Another setting sun, comes to your bay
Another cycle, another day
The city where many pray
Is the city where many lay
Who went to stay or go away.


  1. Reads very well. So much has changed in the story by that rhythmical stroke of your pen. Thanks for the share.

  2. @Arian: Thanks. :-)

    @Mugen: Maraming Salamat. Isa yan sa mga kuha ko sa nakakapagod kong photowalk sa Binondo-Intramuros.

  3. I can see El Hogar delas Islas Filipinas. I do miss Escolta, and Binondo. Sama naman ako minsan sa photo-walks mo. :)

  4. @Red: Tara!

    @Mr. G: Salamat! :-)

  5. I love the photography, et the poetry...

    And I love Manila, the city where I was born and raised in... Proud to be a "batang Maynila"!