Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Remembering the dream

I just woke up a few minutes ago, opening my eyes to hunger and thirst as the song Manila was playing in loop inside my head. What was interesting was my dream. There, was a music video and a very wonderful song comparable to the melodies of the band Silent Sanctuary. The song was in Tagalog, and there were three characters in the music video. At first it was in a cartoon format, then eventually, as the music video progresses that the characters became real life actors and actresses, and I was there in the set, watching how the music video was being made.

The story was about a girl trying to win a boy's heart. Both characters were students and one guy, being an extra in some scenes. The guy hates the girl because of her attention grabbing and desperate moves to win his attention and affection. At first, in the cartoon part, the boy was playing a sport and the girl was cheering for him. Then a scene came where the girl was hiding from behind a huge trash bin trying to stalk her crush. The characters were drawn in a very cutesy-fartsy way,not anime-like, they were little with fat body parts and big heads. The video goes on and it transitioned to real life actors. In the end, the girl and the boy were stuck under an umbrella in a downpour and they confessed their affection for each other, and they kissed. The "extra" guy was the one who was somewhat pulling the curtains leading to the end of the music video. So I was there all the time, from shooting the video until the final review. The irony of it all was that my friend is the one who plays the guy being stalked by the desperate girl, and he's gay. Hmm...

The scenes were like ripped from a very colorful Japanese school girl and school boy style but was set in some colorful places in Metro Manila. The singer was a guy. I just cannot remember what song it was because it does not exist in real life, if I can only remember, just even the tune of it, I can perhaps write down the lyrics.

Now back to bed and perhaps I will be able to watch that video again and remember what song that is or how it goes.


  1. Such lucid dreams you have. I'm envious. My dreams are mostly dark and absurdist. But then again, I am dark and absurd to begin with. :)

  2. I like dreams like this one - they're more intriguing than the usual ones!

  3. may nagsabi sa akin dati na mas vivid ang panaginip, mas matalino daw.

  4. i love dreams hihi. i mostly wrote them.