Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Scream and blow your mind

I find post hardcore music more pleasant to listen to than hardcore because the vocals tends to range from whispers to low and slow melodic singing to screaming. One can also hear well all the instruments used in a particular track or song by a post hardcore band. Not all instruments are played hard and loud but varies and compliments each other, adding to a more musical listening experience rather than listening to an all angst and noisy track. Some bands have two vocalists, one who does the smoother singing while the other does all the screaming. Some post hardcore bands screams so well that you can actually understand what they are screaming about, I call that clean screaming or clean noise; like the band Fighstar (which one album, The Grand Unification; was heavily inspired by the anime Evangelion). Lyrics are also well written and actually makes sense, not just about blood, sex and violence, or how they hate the world. Underoath, who makes good songs about God, is one example of how such "noisy" music (to most) can actually be filled with spiritual words. They're a Christian post hardcore band, or metalcore, whichever. Flyleaf is another Christian band that I like, and they don't sound like one.

Most people find loud, noisy music annoying. Those types are still music to my ears. All the heavy guitar and bass sounds somehow relieves the tension and stress brewing inside me, most specially the screaming. The varying vocal range of the singers of post hardcore bands are so nice (to my ears) that it seems they have more range and skill than the bands of other hardcore sub genres, plus they are more pleasant to listen to and I can actually understand what they are saying without knowing or reading the lyrics, its clean noise (as I've said earlier). All that energy coming out from the songs are the perfect workout music for me, so whenever I am working out at home or gone jogging, these types of music are the ones playing in loop. Also, I listen them when I want to relax with ice cold beer and cigarettes.

Here are some tracks of my favorite songs from the genre many people find irritating and senseless to listen to. I highly suggest you give each song a try and listen to the lyrics, do at high volume if you dare. Lyrics of the selected songs are worth listening to.

I included a non-post hardcore song in the playlist. My most favorite Paramore song, My Heart.

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  1. ...i like the music... and thanks for the follow... you have a nice space in here...(:


  2. Funny, I always thought I was unique in finding something soothing about loud music. Glad to have come across a kindred soul.

    Then again, jazz has (almost) the same effect on me, so it must be the beat.

    Thanks for the tracks!

  3. @Windowlad: I'm glad you like the music.

    @Papa Jay: Nice! I'm happy there's also another one who listens to the kind of loud music as I do. I love Jazz too! I have several jazz tracks in my iPod and Mac.