Thursday, March 3, 2011

Craving for Apples

I have always been an Apple fan ever since I discovered their existence when the 4th generation iPod was launched into the market. I got the 20GB 4th Gen iPod as a gift from Angel. Since then I have been craving for an Apple machine of my own. I now own a 1st generation Mac Mini which I bought 3 years ago from a friend for a very cheap price (P5k). So now I have two, but with my hobby (photography), I need a faster and a more powerful machine that can handle memory guzzling applications and tasks for post processing, video editing as well as sound editing and recording. That means I need to upgrade to a new Mac Mini, Macbook, or perhaps a Macbook Pro. I have been regularly visiting the Apple website and Apple Store Philippines. An act which has been feeding my frenzy for Apple machines! I also want an iPad for my numerous e-book collection and email correspondence needs. Now that the iPad 2 is out, the iPad 1 is now cheaper than ever, with the iPad 2 selling at the same price as its predecessor.

Wants versus needs, so what do I really want? What do I really need? I really want a new Mac Mini, a Macbook Air, an iPad, and a Nano. Perhaps a Macbook Pro, an iPad, and a Nano. What do I really Need? A machine that can enable me to check my emails, do video editing stuff, record my own music, and of course will enable me to post process big photographic files such as RAW images and do HDR post processing too! All tasks mentioned can be done with a single machine, a Macbook is adequate enough. Although a Mac Mini is cheaper, because I already have an old and working Apple mouse, and a sleek and very beautiful Apple keyboard I bought last Christmas. Plus it will be even more cheaper if I buy a Mac Mini because I don't have to buy a separate speaker system for a laptop. My current setup is a Mac Mini plugged in to a 32" LCD TV... Awesome sounds and an ultra big screen means, a mind blowing computing experience. All those said, practically speaking, a Mac Mini is adequate enough for all my needs, plus I get to enjoy listening to my MP3 collection through the awesome speakers of my TV. However, with a new Mac Mini must come along a new HDMI cable with 24k gold coating for minimal signal loss through my TV's HDMI connection to the Mac Mini's HDMI port. An HDMI cable of that quality costs around P4k-P6k depending on the brand, currently I have the generic HDMI cable for only a couple of hundred Pesos. I also don't need an iPod Nano, because my current phone can support up to 8GB of memory, costing half of the price of a Nano with the same capacity. Then perhaps for the sake of computing portability and saving energy I may need an iPad, of course I might get the cheapest kind.

So there, I finally said it all, all these thinking and day dreaming of what next Apple machine to own... I have decided. I can now sleep soundly and perhaps visit the Apple store less and less and view the Apple website less frequently.

Why Apple? Apple machines are simply... Clean, stable, very durable (My Mac Mini is already 6 years old and still performs basic computing perfectly with no downtimes), absolutely easy to use and almost no thinking involved even for non-techies. They are so much less susceptible to viruses, worms, trojans, and all those software attacking monsters on the internet. They are beautiful machines, yes, again... They are beautiful! Apple has excellent customer service and warranty coverage. Apple products maybe expensive, but those are the things where technology and aesthetics are combined in simple elegance built to last a very long time.


  1. I became an Apple fan just recently, when I bought my first Apple product, iPhone 4. But with how Apple products' obsolescence works yearly, I think I'll have the iPad 4 and iPhone 7 when they come out. :p

  2. i also love apple gadgets. also can't beat the service.

    didn't like the ipad (my partner's) at first, but changed my mind after i started using it to watch movies in bed.

  3. Parang paid entry to ah! Joke! Wish you get the machines you want.