Sunday, July 11, 2010

Of ballooning weight and getting back into shape

Since I got diagnosed, I changed my lifestyle a lot. I mean a lot... I cut down enormously on smoking and together with my new perspectives in life are my eating habits. I am now very careful with what I eat, but also, I also got carried away with this I-need-to-be-healthy regimen of mine. I lost control of my appetite.

I have been having issues with my weight since I started working, which was 5 years ago. I used to weight 128 lbs, that was back in highschool, gained some lean muscles in college and I weight 130. I was lean, I got 6 pack abs and a nice chest, well-defined biceps and thighs. I was into yoga, swimming, running, and bouldering... I was into all those sports almost at the same time. That was before all the stress of the corporate world came. Even before I started working, I rarely eat land animals, I rarely drink carbonated and artificially made beverages. Instead, I was addicted to green tea and milk. I had a discipline of only eating twice a day without snacks in between meals, I also had the discipline to measure all I eat. I was almost normal, I pig out like any glutton out there on parties and special occasions, but I bounce back to my abnormal self of a disciplined eater. So what happened? Stress found me and along came the discovery of uncontrolled eating. I grew to as much as 150lbs, I'm only 5'3".

Last year (2009), I got severely depressed because of many different reasons that I already buried (now). Because of of emotional distress and insecurity issues I did not eat for more than a month. Fine! I did eat, two days every week. For workweeks, I did not eat anything at all, I drink not just water, but two liters of Nestea Fit (the one with 900mg of L-Carnitine) everyday. I lost 35lbs in 3 weeks. I was back to 130lbs in less than a month. The catch was, I looked dry, sick, and fragile. Well I was already sick then (with HIV), I just did not know about it until last April of this year. But oh boy! I was a happy lad. my tummy was flat, I can wear shirts I haven't worn for a long time! I was lean for a period of time. Until I knew I have it.

I know the diet/fasting I did last year might have killed me. Beauty has a price they say, luckily I don't feel any tummy-related sicknesses, yet.

I went earlier to our office clinic and now I weight a whopping 152lbs! Fuck! Some of pants are already tight and all of my boxers are tight as well! My shirts make me look like I'm a hotdog with a tight plastic skin on it! I really have to do something with my body.

I want to see and feel my abs again and those V-cut lines of muscles on my thighs and that almost V-shaped indention of muscle on the sides of my groin. My action plan is in line with this bohemian thing going on, eat greens. Not all vegetables are expensive, some types of fish are still cheaper than land animal meat. Most of all, get back into sports! I can do it. I need to get back into that Yogi-Buddhist-Bohemian-Pescetarian-Sporty lifestyle I used to practice.

I say no to:
1.) Fastfood
2.) Artificial drinks - Carbonated beverages, instant/powdered juices/teas.
3.) Supermarket fruits and vegetables - most fruits and veggies in the grocery are superfed with pesticides.
4.) Processed foods
5.) Land animals!

I did it before. I can do it again.

Discliamer: I can have cheat days - there will be days when we have no time to cook or nowhere else to eat but in the friendly neighborhood fastfood joint.

Target weight: 125lbs
Target date: November 15, 2010.
By that time I can pose nude for that much awaited photoshoot for my photographer friend! LOL!

Whew. Here I go. Day one.


  1. Good luck! =) Sabi mo nga you did it before, so kaya mo ulit talaga yan!

  2. one time ang super rich na si donanld trump was asked, paano daw sya yumaman ulit. (diba nalugi na sya at nabaon sa utang then he dust himself off, then make himself multi-millionaire ulet)

    then ang sagot nya he was been there at the top before, he knows the way.

    goodluck sa abs! =)

  3. 150lbs for a 5'3 guy??? huwaaaat?
    nako King, you're not ballooning... you're a BLIMP!

    ako 5'10 175lbs. hahaha.

    never ever eat sa jolijeep ha?

  4. You could do a little work-out too. It would greatly help in your target goals.


  5. You could do a little work-out too. It would greatly help in your target goals.


  6. Wish you luck dude. We have opposite problem. Its been a year I cant regain my 60-61kgs weight. Now I weigh 58kgs lean. I look dry and old na daw ngayun, according to my friends. How I wish I can have it back.... 2007023 here

  7. (un poco de motivaciĆ³n)

    we're all behind ya'. get the sexy back! (big smile an' a wink)


  8. Thank you guys! I will not disappoint you all. Watch out for the nude photos, in 4 months! ;-)

    Of course it will not be pornish.

  9. LOL. natawa pa rin ako sa "land animals" lol. ilan taon ko nang naririnig yan ah. haha. Too bad. wasn't able to see you when you were back at around 130lbs. Balance lang friend. wag magpapayat ng sobra, and wag din magpataba. If pwede lang hingin yung excess mo, ginawa ko na...

  10. looking forward for THE date NOV 15..mmmmmm hehehe i can't believe u were 15o lbs na..di ka naman masyadong mataba ah hehe