Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Kazamidori (Weathervane)"

*Translated lyrics


I wonder if it’s because I was born in the spring
When seeds appear to be flying, soon I’ll want to go far away
To a place I haven’t seen yet

A weathervane left up to fate by the wind
A compass that keeps pointing out a destination
I can take whatever I want, I can leave whatever I want
The morning of a new journey

While I’m afraid of change, I also don’t want to stay here
A quiet awakening that looks the same as always

You who said goodbye and I squeezed your back
I who couldn’t say we’d see each other again
Overlapping roads will again be split into two
The morning of a beginning

Though I don’t want to be all alone, that doesn’t mean I must go alone
Even with loneliness stopping my feet, I can’t go home yet
Crossing the ocean together with the wind, I’ll walk on guided by the sunrise
Because what’s waiting for me is definitely there,
after so many meetings and partings,
I have to go keep the promise I made myself when I was born

Until I can touch with these hands, with these eyes that don’t understand even if I listen to someone,
the treasures encased throughout the world,
taking a breath as deep as a forest, I’ll go to sleep listening to the sounds of the stars
To someday set down roots that alight upon the ground
That is the place I’m going home to

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