Saturday, July 17, 2010

Movie review: CASSHERN


Casshern, a Japanese movie released way back in 2004. I discovered this movie when I was searching for the translated lyrics of Dareka No Negai Ga Kanau Koro (when someone's wish comes true) sung my Utada Hikaru (whom I am still addicted to until today) . I found out that it was a theme song for a Japanese movie, Casshern. So I became curious on what wass the movie all about. I searched for photos, I was hooked. The wallpapers are awesome! Not to mention the lead actor is handsome. I found the trailer in an Apple-Japan website, I was amazed by the visuals. I said to myself "wow an action movie! the visuals are stunning and the fight scenes seem so smooth and just like from an anime!". I searched for DVD's, of course, no originals, so I opted to buy from pirates... You already know what I mean. I found and bought a DVD copy. It wasn't an action movie at all!

Originally, Casshern is a 1970's anime, you will see the original white helmet with a hornlike structure in one of the earlier scenes in the movie. The anime's protagonist was originally a kid, in this movie version, it's a very handsomely hot Japanese guy.

The visuals as I said are stunningly beautiful. It's like every scene is a well composed photograph, the angles, the colors, the contrasts, the techniques used are so stunning it made me stuck to the movie... Those alone are satisfying enough. The story revolves on war and what it can do to people, how war can change an individual's perspective on life, and how it can change lives, how it assimilates anger and revenge. The fight scenes, the costumes, and all other subtopics as well as the (again...) spectacular cinematography... Are just to make the viewers get stuck to the movie, for them to be able to absorb the main message of the it.

The movie was long, but it was worth every minute to watch. The movie strongly gave out a strong message... What is the real meaning of happiness and why are we here in this world? What is our purpose? Why do we have to be vengeful if someone did something wrong to us? Why do we have to fight eachother? Why do we need to go into war?

The song that was played at the credits is just so beautiful, titled Dareka no negai ga kanau koro. I just love this movie, watching it has always been a visually orgasmic, thought provoking, and a mind opening experience. I highly recommend this movie. This is a classic for me.



  1. You're right about the visual composition of this movie, and of course the hot actor. My problem with this movie is that it is all peaks and no troughs. The action level just climbs and climbs such that I was getting altitude sickness as it nears the end. I would recommend watching it but only if you're well-rested. Hahaha!

  2. I missed watching this with you. :)