Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Liter of Tears

A close friend at work gave me a DVD copy of this Japanese TV series. He said I will be able to relate to this drama. After watching episode 1, I was able to greatly relate to main character. I think that a lot of "us" will be able to relate and like this series. I will blog more about this TV series soon. This is all for now, I have to catch some sleep 'coz I'll accompany my P to his job interview later. By the way, I can't stop but to watch episode two right away. I'm officially hooked!

NOTE: I cried within the very first few minutes of the first episode.


  1. Ang sweet naman! Sasamahan si P mag job interview. Hehehe :)


    uy... did ChemistryGuy told you about our small bloggers' meet-up? Will schedule it on a Sunday so you can come... Punta ka ha. Tentative date: Aug21

  3. ser, isang bucket nga ng tissue. hehe

    mahilig ka sa tear-jerkers ah. :)

  4. @Trese: Yup, just say when.
    @Alterjon: Yep, I LOOOOVE depressing stuff.