Wednesday, November 10, 2010

To activate or not to activate?

November 8th, 2010... Early morning, a knock sounded on the door. It was a mail delivery guy. P opened the door and a letter in a blue envelop was handed to him. He needs to sign it, so it must be something important, it was from Globe.

The envelop was big, and the envelop paper was thick and has the quality of an expensive greeting card. I thought that it might be my next bill and they have upgraded their envelops, but it was thick, so something must be inside. "I wonder what this could be" I thought.

I was still in bed when the letter arrived. P handed it to me, it was heavy for a billing statement. I opened it, and there it is... Hidden within many sheets of letters and brochures... A black credit card. It was a very nice piece of plastic. On its black plastic body with a matte finish are the silver letters and numbers of the account, validity dates, and of course, my name. It was almost just like any fancy credit card out there, but what sets this credit card apart amongst the many is the word Platinum on its face. I had a supplementary Gold credit card before, under Angel's name. Since we broke up, I never had one again nor applied or even attempted to apply for a new one. For some reason, I was chosen to be a holder and an owner of such card. Now, in front of me is a distinguishing upgrade of what I had and of my buying power.

A Platinum credit card, with a whopping credit limit that can make me purchase a car at a single swipe. A card that only the rare few are granted of, and symbolizes the status symbol of the owner. Makes me think of the possibilities as well as responsibilities I will be having if ever I choose to activate this card.

I know the dangers that lie with the misuse of such power. Some people get into big trouble and in deep shit if they charge too much of what they earn. That's why control, discipline, and responsible use, as well as awareness are greatly needed for such a thing.

With the facts laid in front of me, the practicalities, the perks, the pros and cons... One question remains. To activate or not to activate?


  1. It might be helpful in case of emergency. Activate it, but make sure its far away from your wallet. Hehehe.

  2. I say activate! bka kailanganin mo yan in the future, magtimpi ka lang, huwag gamitin pag di kailangan :P

  3. Hmm.... Hmm.. Yun nga rin ang naiisip ko. @Boys

  4. Question: would it be of vital use for you?

  5. Ang sosyal naman hehehe...Go activate! Itago mo lang sa baul o kya ilagay sa vault para maiisipan mo lng itong gamitin kung kailangang kailangang talaga hehehe...

  6. Look ahead. if it's a luxury for you, then don't but if you see you're gonna need it in the future (e.g. medications) then do it. But if you already owned a CC, then i wouldn't. That's my principle, still you're the boss of yourself. :)
    P.S. I'm also having problems on putting comments too (sigh I guess it's my browser). I changed mine into pop up window.

  7. What a nice birthday present no? hahaha. Credit card companies are sneaky. Haha. unfortunately, I am working for one. Be responsible na lang sa paggamit. Or better yet, activate it, apply for another card with a lesser credit limit and cancel the bigger one. Para less temptation. =) Enjoy.

  8. @Guyrony: I do think yes, for purchasing tickets online and for medical emergencies.

    @Jag: True. Activate then tago. Free naman ang annual fee e.

    @Legendaro: Ayun na nga, if the annual is not waived then this is a luxury for me. For now, it's for emergencies.

    @Vince: True! Tamang tama sa birthday ko! Responsible use of credit is the key ika nga. Sayang din ang 8000 miles/points once activated, I can get tickets for a beach getaway with those!