Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My most favorite music artist, and a dedication to the broken

Perhaps some of you already know who is my most favorite musical artist of all time. For me, she is an epitome of a true musical genius. Being able to write, compose, arrange, and even produce her songs and albums is such a great feat for someone, and starting at a very young age is already quite rare. Worldwide success and topping the charts is incredible enough.

She is Utada Hikaru. I first discovered her music during my highschool days because of a video that was played in MTV, Automatic. It became so popular even to the local masses that the T.G.I.S cast danced to its tune in Eat Bulaga. What really caught me, was her song First Love. The single became such a success and achieved such local popularity that it had a tagalog version, I was so mad! They murdered the song, figuratively speaking. That same song got me hooked, and I was addicted to her, ever since. I got all of her albums, originals of course. I was able to download rare and live radio recordings of hers and I got all of her wallpapers and music videos, talk about being a fanatic!

Anyway, because of Soltero's recent posts, I can't help but dedicate a song or two for him and to all whose beating hearts have been pierced by a certain someone, leaving it bleeding, wounded, scarred. He is the root cause of this post, it happens that the songs I thought perfect for him are from my most favorite artist, ever. So an introduction is necessary.

I hope you guys (and Soltero) will like the translated lyrics, the song, as well as the video. It made me crave for Audio Technika's ATH-SQ5 headphones, but $129.99 is just too much for me for a pair of headphones.



On a day battered with unforgiving cold rain,
There sits a couple who have reasoned everything out
In a car that now relies on the radio to pierce the silence.

There is no meaning to goodbye,
Because if we were to meet again someday,
Wouldn’t that be just wonderful?

Were you able to hear my voice as I spoke?
The Heart Station broadcasting at one o’clock in the dead of night
Requires no tuning on the dial as it lies
On a secret frequency.

Were the radio waves of my heart able to reach you?
It’s broadcasting from the Heart Station of sinners
And only God knows
How much I miss you.

I can’t go on without forgetting you,
That’s how it seems at least... But why is it then
That only all the good memories of us remain?

Without a doubt, though I’ve separated from you, you’re right here...
Right here at the centre of my heart.

I felt like I heard your voice back there,
Coming from the Heart Station that broadcasts at 1 in the night.
Wherever I am, there always seems to be
This beating of two pulses.

Were the radio signals of my heart able to get to you?
It broadcasts from the Heart Station of lovers,
And tonight’s requests also flood in with myriads of...
“I Love You”.

This voice of mine, were you able to hear it?
It’s broadcasting in the small hours of the night from that Heart Station...
Even now, we are still connected
On this secret frequency.

Were you able to receive these transmissions from my heart?
They come from the Heart Station of sinners
And only God knows.... this secret I keep.


Because this entry is inspired by Soltero's two latest posts (see post 1 and post 2) I think it is necessary post a video of a random guy I found in Youtube, men as we all know is his nourishment.

I think this guy's Asian thinness and exceptional guitar playing talent are sexy-hot. Notice how passionate he plays his guitar. Moving to the peak of the song until the end made me swear... "Tang'na, ang galing galing mo!"


  1. OMG! That Heart Station Lyrics was Beautiful..really...:P

    and the guitarist..yes..i wish i could see his eyes (i get distracted by that thing between his legs ahahaha :P)

    wv: paticim LOL

  2. Although I'm not that a fan of hikaru, I liked her songs. I first heard her when she was featured to sing the kingdom hearts ost. Then also the hanayori dango ost. :)

  3. @Soltero: Napanood mo ba yung video? Click mo lang yung title ng kanta. Ang ganda kaya ng video niyan. Oo, nakakdistract nga yun part na 'yun.

    @Legendaro: True, but she has more beautiful songs than those you have heard.

  4. WOW I LOVE UTADA din supperr!! love na love ko yung isa niyang song na prisoner of love

    also love ken hirai although may chika na his gay too like ricky martin

  5. @Hard2getxxx: Nice! That makes two of us here! What is your favorite Utada video and song? About Ken Hirai, yes, I've heard that rumor and he's hot!

  6. Nice to see Utada fans here. ^_^