Sunday, November 7, 2010

Status Messages

Here is a quick look at my history, music I listen to, short random thoughts, and everything else; through my status messages.

My unique IM was installed early 2009 and I was not putting up status messages until around March or was it April? The other status messages across 2010 up to now cannot be displayed anymore. Either the IM's cache was already full or there is a navigation arrow or button that I haven't seen or cannot be seen that must be used to scroll down my other status messages.

Looking at these status messages, makes me remember some stuff that happened last year. Of course, there were painfully unforgettable moments, that I think you guys will be able to see and notice. My discovery and diagnosis as someone living with HIV is also documented in my status messages archive, heartbreaks are there too, as well as some emopsychotic episodes of mine.

Please note, I have to "censor" my real name. While the question marks were unreadable Japanese texts.

status message history


  1. i love doing stuff like this! it always feels good to look back whether that past is happy or a little sad. :P

  2. Nice to know that you're a fan of Utada Hikaru. Heart Station and Fight the Blues. Songs that I love from that album of Utada. I personally like Prisoner of Love. ^_^ I love her even more since I can now understand her songs. Sad now that she's on hiatus. But for a good reason I think.