Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blog Drama Theatre Presents: Soltero's Si BFF at AKO - Official Sound Tracks

Because I have been so hooked to Soltero's blog-mini-series titled Si BFF at AKO. I was inspired to make a playlist that will best fit his story. Songs are arranged according to key events in his series.

I hope you'll like this one Mr. Soltero and I hope you guys will like the playlist I made.

Music Playlist at


  1. wow...2 songs plang npapakinggan ko, love na love ko na hehe..

    i wasn't expecting these songs actually, hanep pla ang type of music na trip mo, cool na cool :)

    and THANKS, umeffort ka pa talaga ahahah..

    thanks a lot my friend! :)

  2. ayan ha, tinapos ko tlaga ang playlist ehehehe..very nice, thanks ko rin yung mga pinoy songs, ok ung Hiling hehe


  3. @Soltero: Salamat at pinakinggan mo talaga yung playlist na ginagawa ko at salamat at nagustuhan mo. Yep, those are just some of the type of songs I listen to. :-)

    @Anteros: Thanks! :-)