Thursday, November 4, 2010

November blues and Christmas hues

Hay... I just cannot wait until my next rest day. My birthday's coming up too, and I have not done or even close to my goals yet, deadline is on my birthday. (sigh)

When I was doing my rare rounds across the production floor to check some seats. A group of agents suddenly told me... "What happened to you? You look like a turtle!". I just smiled, and went away. I was instantly depressed, so depressed I did not eat anything the whole shift. I have to admit, I did gain more pounds. (sigh)

My birthday's coming up, and I have to schedule all the closest people that I need to celebrate with. There's my dad and his wife who cannot be with my mom, and my mom cannot be with my dad in any occasion even on my birthday. There's the Goth chick and Anne, those two can't be with each other nor either of the two can be with any of my other closest friends. There's Angel, who cannot be with any of my closest friends. I have 3 days to celebrate my birthday with all of them. Now I have to schedule them all. Angel perhaps can wait until November 30th, I'll treat him somewhere nice, besides, by that time, it will be all "Christmasy" everywhere. His favorite time of the year.

For almost the entire 2010, until now, I have been experiencing some financial difficulties. Good thing I never applied for a credit card, nor I have one at present. I am weeks behind my loan payment, and bills seem to just come and come and come.... My battle to lower my bills seem endless. I still manage to live from payday to payday 'though, but that is not my idea of good living. I haven't saved a single centavo, which is another depressing thing aside from my weight. I sometimes wonder where does my money go? I can't seem to enjoy my pay nor I cannot save anything at all. I have a lot of plans. The year is coming to a close and I seem to be missing my goals. I still have barely two months to fulfill even just a few. (sigh)

On the lighter side, Christmas is just around the corner. Several units here in the condo building as well as the other condo buildings nearby are starting to put up Christmas decors. From my window, I can see other units with their tall Christmas Trees with shimmering lights and others with elaborate lights on their windows. In Makati, Avala Avenue is starting to look and feel like Christmas. I think this year, they will have one of the best decors so far. I love the dropping lights effect on the streetlamps along Ayala Avenue. They all seem like a cluster of shooting stars falling down like white rain.


  1. I did notice the new decor last night along Ayala while I did my daily contemplative stroll. I think what I like the most about this year's decors is how understated and disciplined it feels, though the lights do make it seem as if the trees are crying at night, the LED tubes being fresh tears flowing down its verdant cheeks.

    It's always suffocating when Christmas comes along, seeing how other people are able to afford more than their fair share of shopping, while cash-strapped blokes like us survive from payday to payday. But life's good, and positivism always helps.

    Advanced happy birthday to you. Hope you have a blast those 3 days, especially with your angel. :)

  2. canonista,

    importante ang pera para mabuhay pero di mahalaga yan dahil di mo madadala sa langit yan . importante ay mahalaga na maging msaya ka oo madame nagagawa ng pera pero naisip mo ba na yan ang sisira sau pag dating ng panahon? siguro its abt time na maging masaya ka kung ano meron ka. wla masamang maghangad ng mas mataas pero kung ang pag hahangad ay ang bagay na lalong sisira sa pangarap mo ay walang mangyayari sa pinaghirapan mo. move on and dream pero wag maging sakim sa karangyaan dahil kahit isang katutak ang pera mo kung di ka naman masaya wala din yan o kung may pera ka masaya ka nga pero ang kasiyahan nababalutan ng salapi baliwala. mabaet kang tao matalino di ang pera ang magpaasunod sau. dahil kahit mag ipon ka ng todo kung dumating panahon lilisan ka san mo gagamitin yan baka pag awayan lang yan ng iiwanan mo.

    merry xmas and happy bday

  3. Advance Happy Bday my friend!

    You'll be alright!

    I miss makati and the christmasy ayala av during the holidays :P