Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I miss you.

To stare at your eyes.
Those deep dark brown eyes, those hollow cheeks,
your protruding collarbones.
A sight of frailty, a sight of what you used to be. 

I miss looking at your nakedness.
As my fingers cross your ribs.
Along of what used to be fair skin,
that is now menaced with fragmented scars.

It has been a long time,
since I touched your cherry red lips.

Look at the mirror, what do you see?
but the unrecognizable,

Walking on the streets,
nobody looks at us.
While staring at myself,
all I see is the nothingness of us.

Vanished almost without a trace,
just a mere someone, unnoticed someone.

Now standing alone.

Staring down at the ground,
now you know how it feels to be...



  1. di ko alam kung anung daoat sabihin para gumaan ang loob mo/niya

    pero ramdam ko ang kalungkutan mo/niya

  2. and the time comes when the face could no longer hide the burdens that the heart carries within..

  3. Life in all its ugliness is still worth embracing

  4. hongganda...

    hayaan mo na andito naman kami.We never think of u as ugly...


  5. I agree with geo there... and your poem is different, deep, gives one a lot to think about...and who ever or what ever you are is part of your worthy life and you should indeed embrace it:)