Friday, October 28, 2011

Mac Vs. PC (videos)

Here are some videos to shed some humor on the never ending battle between the two Operating Systems.

Let's see... Click and watch.

The South Park version:

The Transformers version: Mac vs. PC

Mac vs. PC part 2

Oh by the way... I'm a loyalist 


  1. The creator of the Transformers version is just genius!

    On a programmer's point of view, a virus is a major no-no so syntax development on a Mac is better if purely software-based (like Flash). However, on a design engineer's perspective, a Mac would be less useful (in my case). We program microprocessors using Windows-based applications and download these programs through the PC via the serial/parallel ports. Most programming languages which require both hardware and software to inter-operate are not Mac-compatible.

    But I still want to own a Mac in the future. Air is just so light and posh. :)

  2. What's cooking? Bork, bork, bork. :-P

  3. @Green: It is more than being light and posh. :-)

    @Chemistryguy: I have been using a Mac since 2008, and yes I have a new one. :-)

  4. Love the mac vs pc transformer video! Pretty awesome

    I am a fan of the mac and of course transformers... best of both worlds