Thursday, February 23, 2012

Self medication and careful observation (HIV and natural remedies)

As of this writing it is now 4 minutes before 4 AM. I am supposed and was planning to go to San Lazaro to have myself checked. However, I don't feel that there's anything wrong with my anymore, no more cough and colds nor sore throat. It seemed that as every day passed, I am getting better. I was thinking of the blood incident the other day that every time I blow my nose there was blood, someone told me that every time I sleep I poke my nose too hard, and I have a history of a waking up finding myself with a bleeding face. So it was my fingers that were the culprit. I looked at my nails and the tips were black and long as if I lived back in the caveman era, I did cut my nails right away.

I have decided not to go to the hospital to have myself checked. Of reasons such as... the long lines and long wait might just make me more stressed thus will make me sick again, and the commute all the way to Manila will make me sick and tired. I will only go to the hospital to get my refills and submit my lab tests or for my CD4 count. Besides, I can go there in dire cases such as when I had a 41 degree fever last year. As of right now, I am completely okay. No more blood whenever I blow my nose, taking into consideration that whenever I cough there was no blood, but only when I sneeze, that means my nasal cavity is wounded, is that because I poke my nose too hard when sleeping? The cold and tonsillitis, I am not sure if these two are related, but whenever I have colds I get tonsillitis. So as long as I get rid of the damn cold, the tonsillitis will go away.

Why did I had colds in the first place? I went to the UP Fair and got home at 5 AM, I was already awake at 4 AM the day before, this was Saturday. Sunday night, me and PJ had a late dinner, I went home at midnight then woke up at 3 AM. Monday, went to work without an umbrella and stayed late night with my friend Monica and ate a lot of sweets including 12 ounces of ice cream from Dairy Queen, which might have triggered the bacterial infection. Tuesday morning, had a terrible case of colds and tonsillitis. So there, I lacked sleep and never had enough rest for the past couple of days, thus a lowered immune response resulting to bacterial infection of the throat and sinus.

I did not really take anything synthetic aside from the ARVs when I got sick. I just stayed in bed for hours on end, only getting up to go to the bathroom or to eat. Plus I eat spicy food, they say spicy food helps eliminate bacteria from the body. I was all clear in just three days, including today. Taking into consideration that as someone with HIV I am still prone to bacterial and fungal infections, thus, I will then make some research on an antibacterial diet. the ARVs already make me less prone to even the strongest viruses, err.. HIV? So the only thing I have to address are bad bacterias and fungi. I don't want to take so much antibiotics anymore, aside from they rid of the body of also the good bacteria, they might be bad for the liver too. Antibiotics that were always prescribed to me are either Azithromycin and Ciprofloxacin which are both strong classes of drugs. I will only succumb to these drugs when natural remedies can no longer fight the infections within, but as long as it can, I will use natural remedies as well as my own body to fight foreign invaders inside me.

So back to bed I go for more sleep.