Friday, February 3, 2012

Pulling up the numbers - Making your CD4 count higher

My latest CD4 count as of January 2012 was 589, it was 294 points up from my previous count, almost 300 points increase. I did change a bit of my lifestyle, and I am willing to do more better changes. Here are the usual things I did on the 6 months I was battling to gain back the normalcy of my immune system. So therefore, here are my tips:

  1. Don't stress - Stress is the biggest factor of why the CD4 count drops significantly low. 
  2. Eat well - This is subjective based on one's needs. Do eat well and in moderation, make sure you get enough nutrients in whatever you put in your mouth. 
  3. Sleep - Sleep well and get lots of it. 
  4. Listen and feel the body - Those aches and pains are signs that something is wrong. Do something  to alleviate it and investigate the cause. Do not over work your body, it has its limitations, you may want to push it to the limit or beyond, but it can only perform so much. 
  5. Relax - As much as you want, whenever. 
  6. Get the rage out - Keeping your rage in, may cause you to be stressed out. I express myself by listening to loud music or just tweeting away some thoughts. 
  7. Walk - It's just healthy and simple. 
  8. Keep yourself busy - Learn a new hobby, read, write, day dream.
  9. Have alone time - Being alone will get you to know yourself more, and you will also know what your body needs and what your soul desires. 
  10. Smile.
Note: My ARV cocktail - Lamivudine/Zidovudine, Efavirenz


  1. it's good to know that your cd4 count increased. I'm reactive too. I was diagnosed this month and I got my confirmatory last wed. After that I went to SLH to check the area of H4 ward. I still don't know where to be my hub, SLH or RITM... :} hope to meet you soon..

  2. Awesome! It's really awesome how your Tcells are growing in number. :)
    Oh one important thing, is to maintain a good hygiene. you must also take measures not to get a simple cold, or injuriy. Infections consume your lymphocytes.

    Have a good day sir!

  3. yey, tumaas ang cd4 count mo friend!kelan ulit tayo magkukuwentuhan?!ang promise mong songs ha...

  4. If i were you or if youre tightening your belt, i'd rather go 1st @slh then transfer to ritm after, thats b/c youll end up paying your first set of cd4 count at ritm, while slh is free. Thats saving of 3k, also if you use the manila hygiene and other facility of slh the basic lab are cheaper than other ctr.

  5. Nice! :D,
    walk for the win very best exercise :)

  6. I was found out mt count is 33. Rocked my world to tell the truth. I just told my sis & she is my only confidant