Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Last Tuesday morning I woke up feeling feverish. I was sneezing uncontrollably. Then at one big sneeze, blood spritzed out of my mouth, it scared the hell out of me. My fever began at 37 degrees then it was constant at that. I called up the office saying I cannot make it that day, then I sent an email to my boss saying I'm sick.

I wasn't coughing but I kept on sneezing and I felt terrible, I felt weak. the mucus whenever I blow nose had blood in it and I had tonsillitis, I had difficulty swallowing. I haven't told my dad yet until earlier through a text message, although I know my dad was already trying to call me up on my landline, I was in no mood to talk to anyone.

I was supposed to go to San Lazaro right away last Tuesday or today, but I ought to go there tomorrow. I thought of saving my strength because the commute might just drain so much of me. I haven't done any of the required bi-annual lab tests yet, but I'll have them soon. Tomorrow, I just want to have myself checked. I am thinking that I am having another bout with Pneumonia, this is how I felt with my last two attacks back in 2010 and earlier part of 2011 which was both Community Acquired Pneumonia.

Right now, I am already coughing although my throat doesn't hurt that much anymore and I don't have any fever, my body temperature's down to 36.9 degrees.

No paracetamols or any drug were used to hasten down my fever nor to address the colds and cough. No cough medicines has any effect on me anyway, paracetamols are not allowed until fever goes as high as 40 degrees. 


  1. pahinga ka nalang ng wagas and have your self checked na. get well soon :-)