Friday, December 16, 2011

9 PM on December 16th

What day is it today?
Oh it's another Friday
It didn't seem to be such a long day
Although it took three hours, on the way

To come home.

Listening to a new album
While I look for a little broom
To clean my dusty and messy place, that smells of faint perfume
On my bed, I pushed pillows aside to make room

To lay down and write.

What's with all this rhymes in poetry?
Is it really that necessary?
I don't think so, as long as it can carry...
A sensible thought and a message to many

That is so, I think
I write on and on, but I'm done here, in a blink.


  1. I also have that wonder of why it should be rhymed. I don't know why..

    Nice poem anyway..

  2. hey bohemian!

    I have been an avid reader of your blog since finding out as a positive, just this Sep. Like you, I went to H4 at San Lazaro, similar hub for our medical situation. I actually recognize your pics of the bathroom door you posted (earlier on your blog or if you scroll down dates of your blog). i ended up checking inside of H4 because a friend was confined for his liver along obviously for being recent diagnosed of a poz. They released him after a week and a half. sad thing is he was sent back to our country from dubai after finding out that he's positive. it actually ruined his life to further support his family.

    obviously, intially we had to get our basic labs. It isnt free. I ended up getting it at san lazaro and half of the lab tests from MNL social hygiene across san lazaro, since Im a cheapo with regards for future readers. If cannot afford ask the PLHIV org, they may be able to help you and point you at some catholic hospital in QC(kamuning yata, forgot the name though). CD4 is free; Infectious Disease (ID) practitioner will schedule you. Mine came out to [cd4=]367 only. Dr. golden finger, (you know whom i talking about hehe) decided that i should take the ARV but i need to bring and disclose to my family, which I ended up didnt. ill tell you why i didnt later. well, I ended up getting my Hepa B, two shots, for free. I paid for flu and pneumonia shots though for about P1,6 almost that range for my future medical security.

    im a balikbayan actually, so thats why i didnt ended up accepting to take the ARV's there in our beloved land. on the other hand, I met lots of gay friends though with different level, varieties, and backgrounds. to start with, i believe i ended up getting our medical situation at Farenheit or Epitome--those bath houses. I'm a top, so that doesnt mean that top would never get it. i started being curious when i went back home [to our country] by going to those bath houses...hayzzz.... i checked myself in if im positive and turned out positive thru MNL social hygiene. ofcourse, it ruined me but life goes on and had to think positive what's left in my life.
    i move back here in states, have been back for almost a month now. Only, told my Mama so far, she's devastated but i told her too that i'm getting help and doctor here dont think of it as an infectious disease anymore but rather as a chronic diseases similar to heart disease or high blood because you have to take medicines for the rest of your life. there's the positive out of it.

    im ranting, or so you would say, because i started my regimen last night with atripla, a one pill a day. i was waiting if i would be given with complera, a much newer medicine of all the ARV's (another one pill a day) but ended up with no other choice but atripla since my viral shoot up to almost 2Million+, even if my recent CD4 now is 564. here in states, they also have to take your genotype test, so im resistance-free which mean i'm allowed to take any medicines: its that i couldnt take complera since it is only given if viral load is below 100k, so like i said im stuck with atripla.

    taking that medicine last night, i thought i was drunk the entire way through. i read that as well and maybe psychologically in my mind that i will have that effect which ended up having it...hehe...well, keep it up, love reading your blog and hoping when i come back we can meet someday and hoping that i'll be switched to complera or hoping that someday only a vaccination can take this away from us. i would never wish anyone to have this disease, so any future readers, use condom! or just masturbate at home if you cant have sex with anyone...hehe...Keep In Touch!

  3. @Anonymous: Create a twitter account, there are so many of "us" there. Happy New Year! Keep in touch!

    @Cheria Ann: Happy New Year!