Monday, October 4, 2010

Rica, we will miss you...

Rica (not her real name), is a good old friend I met from the company I used to work for. He is a very jolly guy, tall, nice built, nice brown skin, and almost the same age as I am. We are not that close 'though, but we have a lot of common friends. When I was still in that company, we have a little loud group named the _ _ _ _ _ _ gays. We barely go out together because I was assigned another company site somewhere in the Northern part of the metropolis. The group however, kept in touch through the ever popular office chatroom created by me, who is corporately blessed with such admin access to that IM application.

After I left the company I grew up with, Rica and I kept in touch through YM and through our old friends. We even saw eachother accidentally in Puerto Galera last summer of 2009.

I heard the news that he was ill last week and was already in the ICU. The _ _ _ _ _ _ gays went for an immediate fieldtrip to Rica's hometown in the far north to visit him, it was just the other day; Rica passed away that evening.

To Rica, we may not have been that close as friends, but somehow we shared the laughters of what we call the small sisterhood of gay-men in our old office. Wherever you are, I pray for your soul and for your eternal peace. You have been a wonderful colleague, and an instant can of laughter whenever we need one.

You will be missed, Rica.

Rica died of encephalitis.


  1. what happenend to him?this is sad...i hope you're ok.

  2. my condolences goes out to you and your friends... mahirap talaga mawalan ng kaibigan...

  3. condolence. for sure he's in a better place now. pagpray natin sya.