Friday, October 15, 2010

Community-acquired pneumonia

This is what was stated in my medical certificate. I asked the doctor, "Ay, nagkapulmunya pala ako? Akala ko ubo't sipon lang?". The doctor laughed and said "hindi ka kasi nakikinig, nag eexplain ako eh tango kalang ng tango na parang tulala". Fine, I was absent minded during the time she was explaining to me what happened.

I haven't been smoking since I got sick. I'm back to work, and still, no smoking. I am eating less too, I have of get rid of all these fats. I am thinking if I am going to buy masks, the ones that were trendy during the SARS outbreak. I am definitely going to buy cans of Lysol to clean my station. Nobody should use my station at work except me.

Can't wait for the weekend.


  1. My dad got that, among other complications. He had to undergo two operations, and went through 3 hospitals. The volume excised was, euphemistically, worrisome.

    You're luckier. Take care of yourself, ok?

  2. good to have you back! :)

  3. ingat! ika nga ni lloydie.

    and yes weekend na... hapi hapi wkend! : )

  4. @Ex Jason: Correct. Thank you!

    @Red: I am taking care of myself more then ever before. Thank you! :-)

    @I'm a positive: ;-)

    @Ahmer: I have work on Saturdays, but anyway, Sunday is here! Yeah!

    @Chemguy: Oiy, text kita mamaya to check on you. Sumagot ka. If you can't go to work, huwag mong pilitin.