Thursday, January 26, 2012

Judge Me! (my cover of Time Will Reveal)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, butch and gaylets. Judge me, uploaded below is a product of one of my "I-want-to-do-this-right-now-or-I-may-not-do-it-again-ever" piece.

I am confident to upload this audio file of mine because only a few people here knows who I am, the real person behind this blog, so any humiliation will be minimal. Any feedback I will get from you guys, will be most appreciated, whether bad or good. Go ahead, judge my singing, please.

NOTE: The playback volume of the file may be louder, please adjust your computer's volume control as needed.



  1. well, atleast di na ko aantok antok pagkarinig sa kanta mo! LOL

    nice! yan ang confident! charot!

  2. nice. love the confidence. try mo next time may music. :D

  3. I'm a fan of the song, and DeBarge's original recording is still the best, in my opinion. Even Boys II Men's version doesn't even come close.

  4. You should do a complete cover of this! Hanep ang timbre ng boses. :)

  5. Nice! Maganda ang timbre mo :) but it would have been better if you chose a song that is within your range... Anyway I am totally inspired by your blog. Always be strong bro :)

  6. I'm judging you now. hahaha :p

    I'll bring my keyboards soon to your condo. let's jam. record tayo ng songs :p