Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Hidden Epidemic

A lot of people put so much of their lives or the entirety of their lives to the heavens. The heavens will not live your life for you, you do. You have the power to weave your thread in the web of the universe.

I do believe that amongst the walking men in the this city of broken hearts and throbbing cocks lies the darkness of an epidemic eating away life. Gnawing silently inside our lustful bodies, moving from one host to another victim, expanding its wrath. We have the power to stop the epidemic, we have the power to survive. Know and have the power to act and stop the virus, before it swallows another life, perhaps you can stop it before it consumes you.


  1. Such is the power of the freedom of will. We do have the power to stop the virus. But what also lies in us is the power to propagate it.

    What grounds us are the ‘truths’ that holds our convictions and beliefs. Without it all we have are just hollow freedom and will, like creatures floating endlessly in the eternal abyss.

    The question here lies in the ‘truth’ that one holds dear. Is it an ‘absolute truth’ or plainly just another in this age of religious and cultural pluralism.

  2. Some of us think that knowing is enough. Sometimes it is. But sometimes, we get ourselves into situations where, despite what we know, we surrender to the lure of that momentary (and fleeting) moment of bliss. It's a sad reality.