Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My first official day as an HIV positive man.

Today, I got the document that will say if I have the virus or not. It has been two weeks of agonizing wait. As I stared at the envelope containing the document I remembered my first day in this clinic...

I went to San Lazaro Hospital in Manila to the the HIV test, that was last April 5. At first I was wondering where I can get an HIV test in Metro Manila, I know all hospitals offer it and other clinics as well, but last time I checked they said I need a doctor's request for it. So thanks to the internet, I was able to do some research and called up some numbers in the DOH AIDS hotline
. The guy who answered the phone was friendly and gave me directions on how to go to San Lazaro and what to do and where to go when I get there. So I did, on that same day.

The envelope was stapled, and I was having quite a hard time opening it because I was very careful not to cut myself removing the stapler. The doctor gave me a letter opener. The staple wire was loosened and I finally was able to to take it off. There was some sort of questionnaire and inside it, was the document. My hands were already shaking as I opened the folded document. I quickly looked for the words reactive and positive. There it was... near the bottom left part... "RESULT: POSITIVE".


  1. hey there... Lucky here from http://lucky-trese.blogspot.com

    Was diagnosed last October 2009, im in the Alabang clinic.

    Take Care always! :)

  2. Hi Lucky! Yeah, I scanned your blog yesterday. Well, I'm in, another one in the secret community.

    Thanks! Take care too, stay healthy and don't stress yourself too much.

    You're in the RITM, right?

  3. welcome to the crazy and outrageous blogworld! hope you'll keep up writing even there are times no one is reading you.

    i saw your comment from soul jacker's blog, kaya ako naligaw dito. sulat ka lang ng sulat. =)


  4. Salamat Dabo., oo, magsususlat lang ako ng magsususlat.

  5. hey...hindi ko alam...now ko lang inumpisahan basahin ang blog mo dito sa umpisa :-)

    and thank you for sharing your stories