Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hope from shattered dreams and a broken heart...

I read a blog entry this afternoon that really affected me so much that I started to play songs about shattered dreams and broken hearts. 

Click here, for That Nishiboy's blog entry.

I can feel the the writer's pain, being a little of an avid reader of his blog and knowing a bit about the author. I can say, in that particular day, he dreamt and he longed; then suddenly all came crashing down on him. In that situation, I can't really say it was his fault, but whatever there is to learn, I hope he doesn't grow so hard that he becomes too numb to love in the many coming days ahead.

Some people can be just so adventurous that they treat others as merely disposable toys; disregarding how the other party feels, but then again, how would they know, how would I? Were the proper expectations set in the first place? I am in no position nor I want to judge anyone who sleeps to many beds looking for that orgasmic high. I don't want to judge those who spends a piece of their time to single-served strangers, exchanging body fluids, tasting their salty sweat and their cigarette flavored saliva. Only to go home to someone waiting for them, waiting for that kiss, for that warm embrace, waiting to taste their lips who kissed a stranger's mouth and sucked a stranger's cock. Whatever their reason for doing so, I am in no position to judge who and what they are. I only hope that this pandemic of carnal addiction would not turn this metropolis into a city of heartless souls. 

His story makes me remember what I lost, and appreciate what I already have. Also, makes me wonder how many more hearts will be broken and torn. How many dreams will shatter after every lustful tryst? How many relationships will falter and how many will be born out from tonight's scorching entwinement of sweaty bodies and spurting warm fluids? How many from tonight, how many tomorrow?


  1. It’s sometimes hard to learn from other people’s mistake. We never learn until we plunge ourselves in the very same mistake. And the saddest point is that, we can never bring back those precious things from the lesson we learned.

  2. cannonista, sa kin naman, walang sex but after namin maghiwalay noong taong special sakin, sobrang namiss ko siya, ewan ko feeling ko mahal ko na siya pero nakulitan ata sa akin. he wouldn't even reply to my texts and wouldn't answer my calls, its so hard for me because it was a feeling rooted out of love friendship

    as in walang sex na nangyare pero iba feelings ko sa kanya, kaso ayaw lang niya sa'kin

  3. he's a good writer buddy. Oi, anu na ba, mag kikita nb tayo?