Friday, August 10, 2012

Anyone Can Cook

I always wanted to be able to cook a nice meal for anyone, but this past few weeks, I have been exceptionally inspired (ahem) to do so, well, on almost a daily basis. I admit that I am not an exceptionally good cook, but I continuously hone my skills in this art of cooking as much as I can, because I believe that a good meal and a full stomach is one way to happiness, and I like to make people happy and that one person in particular.

Photos courtesy of PB

So I continue to cook, putting my heart into each dish I make and hopefully making each one be more tasteful and delicious than the last. As a famous line in the popular animated flick Ratatouille says, “Anyone can cook”.  
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  1. How are you? Thought you've left blogging. Just an avid reader of your blog.

    This is nice. Cooking for someone else is very thoughtful enough to show how you love that person. And bout the movie, I also loved it. I remember I'd watched on the big screen 3 times because of it's message. Anyone can be what they wanted to be... and really it inspired and still inspiring me till now.

    Hope I can taste your specialty sometime.hehe just kidding... take care

    1. Hi Kyle! I've been great, and yes, I have been away from blogging for quite a while and I missed it. Thank you for being an avid reader, I really appreciate it.

      Good food indeed, makes the soul happy.

  2. Keep cooking. First time I tasted your chicken teriyaki, I told myself you really have a potential. :)

    Hope you're doing well.
    Take good care of yourself, always.

    - P

  3. wow, dapat magkaroon na ng series of posts for that :)