Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Xperiencing Sony Ericsson's Xperia X10 Mini Pro (a review)

I wanted a new phone. I want a phone that I can carry around anywhere conveniently and has all the things I need and want. Basically, all I wanted was a phone that can connect to any wi-fi connection and can store and play a huge amount of MP3s as well as having an onboard radio. I wanted a Sony Ericsson phone, this will be my nth time to have one. All of my exixsting phones were all provided free by the carriers that I subscribed to. So this one is the very first purchase of mine, yes, the very first time I purchased a phone for myself.

I made a brief research of locally available phones from Sony Ericsson, this one in particular caught all my attention. The Xperia X10 Mini Pro. There are two X10s, both are almost identical, the only difference is that the Pro has a keyboard that the user can easily slide out at will; this feature is a big convenience and a big buying factor for me. The phone is almost as small as a credit card, actually, a bit smaller, so the screen is small too. It's thick enough to be held comfortably either singlehandedly or with both hands when using the qwerty keyboard. The screen is big enough for me, around more than 2 inches diagonally and is so clear, clear enough to watch high definition videos in youtube with great awesomeness. The phone came with a 2 GB SD Card, but my friend Jay gave me an 8 GB card, hurray for me! The phone can accomodate up to 16 GB up storage on an SD Card. It is quite fast too and it has an automatic orientation detector so it changes the orientation of the screen depending on how you hold the phone. It also has an ambient light sensor so it automatically adjusts the screen's brightness as well as the keyboard's backlight depending on the available light, it's a nifty feature to save precious battery life. It also has a GPS antenna, so all GPS capable apps like Google's Latitude and Maps do work well in this phone. What I like most about this phone is the size and form. It is small enough to fit comfortable in any pocket, it's quite light too, yet it is packed with wonderful features as well as typing and connectivity convenience. I love the keyboard, I do think that it is a very important part of an anatomy of a phone of this size. I tried composing text messages using the on-screen keyboard and it was not a good experience at all. The screen being very sensitive made me type all the wrong letters and punctuation marks, plus typing on-screen is an extra effort to do, tedious, because I have to toggle between capitalization of lettters, to small letters, numbers, etc. The keyboard made typing such a bliss! Each key on the keyboard is separated by a tiny space, which makes even the biggest fingers press the correct keys, plus, there is a one touch key to numbers, capitalizations and special characters. The keyboard also has a left and right arrows for correction. If the user noticed a correction somewhere above a few lines of whatever he is composing, just tap the screen on where the correction is to be made, that's it. If you missed, just press either the left or right arrows. The keyboard can be slid out horizontally, so it is perfect for typing long entries such as this blog post of mine. Also, the screen changes orientation right away once the keyboard is slid out. The screen is so clear that even right now, as of this typing, I can see the letters clearly and in clean lines, no fussy and fuzzy pixelated parts anywhere. The phone has a couple of nice built in apps like some of Google's own, like Gmail, Latitude, Youtube, and Maps. It also has a native audio player which is very battery draining, I am using Winamp right now while listening to Usher and composing this blog entry. The Facebook app is already installed, which I never tried because I don't have a Facebook account. Other native apps include an app to Sony Ericsson's own app market as well as Android's app Market. The OS version in this phone is Android 2.1, which I am not sure if it will be upgradable to a higher OS version in the future. Being an Android phone virgin, I was lost and was awestruck with what this type of phone can do. I was amazed on how many apps are out there and what they can do. This is the time that I am trully amazed by our present mobile technology.

Xperia X10 Mini Pro is relatively fast. The screen is very crystal clear and very accurately responsive. I must say that this is no ordinary cheapo Android phone. The feel is very solid despite of its moving parts, the slide-out keyboard. I have the black one, which has a matte finished back and a very glossy front. The slide-out keyboard is in silver and the face only has three buttons, there is a separate single button to turhn it off or to change modes. This phone has an earphone jack that can accept all types of earphones or headphones, I guess we call this the 3.5 jack. The camera has 5 MP of resolution size, but it does not have any manual modes, it is fully automatic. It does shoot good photos so far, although I am yet to test more of it using the Adobe Photoshop app. The phone cam be a bit laggy at times, specially when you used a lot of apps for sometime, so I downloaded a task manager for this phone, with just a tap or two, the phone becomes ultra fast and the battery lasts longer. The ultra usefull apps will be blogged in a separate entry.

Overall, I have no regrets in buying this gadget. I am loving this phone so much! It is a cute, small phone, yet packed with features and giant functionalities.

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  1. i have the x10 and yes it is a good phone.
    x10 with android 2.1 can be upgraded to androud 2.2