Monday, August 1, 2011

On Being Alone

It's so nice to be just taking care of myself while making time to spend a few hours with my mom or dad, or even with a few close friends. It's nice to be back on focus on more important things and to be detached from particular distractions. Time to be back in good shape in all aspects of my life.

Traveling this road alone is not so bad at all. After all, it is where we are at peace with ourselves. Being a hermit at times means focusing one's energies to more important things, like improving on one's hobby, learning a new skill, or getting close towards a goal, or discovering something new... about yourself, about your world, about the world.

Being alone doesn't mean being lonely, it just means one can be happy on his own.

Some tips on how to be alone (click play on the video) -> Learning to be Alone - Tanya Davis

"Did not want to par-ti-ci-pate. In no silly conversations. Had no time for new relation-ships" - Diggin On You - TLC


  1. "Being alone doesn't mean being lonely, it just means one can be happy on his own." -- i so agree. ako rin, enjoy akong nakaka-bonding ang sarili. :)

  2. yeah, alone and lonely are very different things. the tricky part is figuring out which one you are. wallowing is not good, but neither is denial.

  3. true...pero wag naman sobrang tagal gaya ng sakin!LOL

  4. @Ipe: It's nice, right? There's a different kind of freedom.

    @Aris: And getting to know ourselves more.

    @Nishi: Only the self can figure out where one is at which state. The important thing is, one is happy, otherwise, one is lonely.

    @Mac: Gaano na ba katagal?

  5. i got to quote what Aris said, too. ganyan din naman ang naramdaman ko nung mga panahong ako lang mag-isa. kailangan mo lang hanapan ng maganda ang isang sitwasyon. :)