Thursday, February 3, 2011

My playlist to lounge around, music for the body and soul

Are you tired after a long day at work or need to drink a bottle or two? Here is a playlist I made to lounge around and I think is perfect to ease one's mind. Not loud at all nor meant to be played loud, and are heavy on symphonies of different instruments. Tracks include songs from the chilling vocals of A Fine Frenzy, to the cold and melancholic tracks of Death Cab for Cutie, to the base laden tracks of Hooverphonic and the garage sound of The Black Keys; as well as songs from other artists with low key sound made to lay down a tired soul and uplift one's mood.

So get comfy and prepare the best pair of headphones or earphones you have, plug it in to your Mac or PC and click play, then close your eyes and set your mind free.

Music Playlist at


  1. haaaayst! walang flash dito sa pc ko. haaayst. hihi

  2. ei canon. i love your taste in music. these songs are all new to me. thanks for sharing.

  3. hehehe im clebrating the love month kaya magpopost ako ng mga love song hahaha the whole month

  4. @Nimmy: Download... download na ng flash player!

    @Sean: Thank you, Sean. I'm happy you love the playlist.

    @Uno: Go go go!