Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Stranger's Hand

We touched hands as lovers do

Even for a brief moment,

I was very close to you.

No one can steal that event

They can only stare and look

Our fingers discreetly hooked,

and clinging to our pockets,

hoping, pretending, no one...

Notices, not a glimpse of the quick bond.

Even for a quick moment,

until this very moment.

I can still feel the roughness,

and the comforting clasp of,

your thin, brown, wide, and warm hand.

I quickly took a glimpse of,

the one weaving his fingers,

to my shaking little hand.

I saw the face of a boy.

Whtih a striking dirty face,

with pretty, big, sparkling eyes.

Train stopped and opened its doors.

Then you let go of my hand,

as gently when you held it.

And right there you walked away.

You did not say any word,

Not even another glance,

Not even a single clue.

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1 comment:

  1. Maybe the roughness of his hands is due sa pag ggym nya. hehehe.. Kidding aside, it's a masterpiece!